Dell Servers, Laptops and Workstations

Dell LogoWhile there are many computer manufacturers, very few have been as consistent and reliable as Dell. We have been a Dell partner for over ten years. When it comes to commercial or rough duty laptops, high speed video intensive desktops, or mission critical servers, Dell is one of the best.

For day in day out reliability in a laptop their Latitude series has stood the test of time and their rugged Latitude series brings that reliability to a new level of toughness for worksite durability.

Do you need a blindingly fast graphics intensive desktop (or laptop) for doing design work in the office or the field? Dell’s Alienware series of gaming computers fits the bill perfectly and keeps doing it week after week.

When it comes to servers, no one has a broader line of machines than Dell. From basic small office systems to fast and powerful rack mount web servers, Dell offers them all, and ForeSight can provide you with any or all of these machines.