How We Help Small Businesses

ForeSight IT Consulting can take all of your small business’s technology needs off your plate. We provide three main categories of IT support and will be happy to assist your company with any and all of these areas.

IT Help Desk Support

Help Desk Support

There is nothing like the frustration of dealing with technical issues that disrupt your day. You and your team don’t have time to fix (or to learn how to fix) a difficult printer or minor computer malfunction. Fortunately, ForeSight’s help desk can solve most minor issues in minutes with our remote access service. This includes everything from emergency support to scheduled updates.

Onsite IT Support

Onsite Support

When an issue requires a more hands-on approach or you have big changes coming, our onsite technicians will get the job done. Whether you need to relocate an employee’s office, replace a printer, update your network, or set up new WiFi, our team will be there to make sure all the tech you need is in place. Each of our techs is trained to handle all of the above and more to ensure one efficient visit.

Custom Consulting

Our team is passionate about finding unique solutions for every client’s needs. We’ll be happy to help you plan for the long run so that you’re geared up for growth. From the proper accounting systems to healthcare security (HIPAA) to application development and automation, we’ll set up your systems exactly as you need them to be.

We understand small business...
because we are a small business.

Making IT Work for Your Small Business

ForeSight takes a proactive approach to maintain your IT systems. This means you’ll enjoy maximum productivity for a minimum investment.

We Make IT Simple

ForeSight wants to keep technology as easy for you and your team as possible. We are your reliable IT partner who you can call for help with any technology-related issues, big or small. Think of us as an extension of your team who helps you save time and money on IT in the long run.

We Make IT More Efficient

We understand the cost involved in technology disruptions. That’s why our team will advise you on the best systems to keep your business running smoothly. From powerhouse computers to big-time storage solutions, we’ll have your operation functioning optimally. Best of all, you don’t have to waste your time dealing with IT troubleshooting and complications.

We Make IT Last

Our team will schedule and perform regular updates, upgrades, and computer and hardware replacements as needed. Enjoy peace of mind knowing we’re on top of IT with preventative measures to keep your tech in top working order.

We Make IT Secure

ForeSight takes the security of our clients and in turn, their own clients, very seriously. We will advise and provide your company with all the necessary security measures, from HIPAA compliance to reliable offsite backup solutions. We will reduce your risk and liability when it comes to your company’s sensitive data.

We Make IT Strategic

Thanks to our extensive experience, our IT pros can advise your business on everything from the most basic questions to long-term technology solutions. In fact, while we’re happy to help with things like everyday troubleshooting, one of our favorite aspects of what we do is looking at your company’s big picture. How can we help you grow? How can we assist you in reaching your goals? We’re happy to figure it out with you.

We Make IT Fit Your Budget, Needs, & Goals

We will only recommend services and systems that are necessary for your business to operate and grow—and will only move forward with the work as long as you are comfortable. Foresight also offers affordable pricing and flexible maintenance plans, allowing you to budget in advance rather than be hit with unexpected costs.