Help Desk Support

Help Me on a Keyboard

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Tired of having to stop what you’re doing to help one of your employees fix their computer? Do you have an office manager or power user that spends too much time helping others print? Can’t wait for your technology support person to schedule you in for what looks like a minor issue? We can help!


On Site Support

Life Preserver

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Need to upgrade or replace your server or workstations, add new computers or printers, expand or move to new office space? Our onsite technicians can handle all of this and more. We don’t departmentalize onsite tasks; one technician can do whatever needs to be done from installing printers to replacing servers as well as maintain your network


Network Design & Troubleshooting

Network DesignMany applications are being moved to the cloud, which the providers of those products will have you think your local network and computers aren’t important anymore. Nothing could be further from the truth.


Off Site Backup & Disaster Recovery

Broken Computer

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One of the best defenses in today’s increasingly dangerous technology world is a reliable offsite backup. It is also one of the toughest processes to keep moving. Getting a consistent rotation of media in and out of your office so your backups are safe is daunting, and using a cloud service can result in days of downtime while files are restored. We have a solution.


HIPAA Regulations

Security Door

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All of our technical employees from the Help Desk to Senior Consultants are HIPAA certified and we are Business Associates with many of our clients. We can provide you with a Risk Assessment and the required yearly Risk Analysis.


Email & Spam Protection

Spam EmailsWe can set you up with one to hundreds of email accounts, from Exchange/Outlook to web based mail clients with basic to HIPAA compliant features for less than most providers and all on the same or multiple domains all billed on a monthly basis.


Accounting System Install & Setup

Quickbooks LogoWe can help you with the selection, purchase, installation and maintenance of the right accounting system for your business. From QuickBooks Pro to Sage 300 Construction and Estimating we can assist you with the evaluation and selection of the right system and we have partnerships with consultants and CPAs to work with you on implementation.


Custom Built Applications

ForeSight LogoDo you have a complicated spreadsheet that only you know how to use? Maybe multiple spreadsheets that you spend too much time patching and fixing to get a proposal done? An accounting system that doesn’t quite fit and you end up exporting data to a spreadsheet to get the info you need? We can help.